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Delivery Conditions Due to COVID-19

BIOHogs is running at full capacity to meet orders and deliveries during this enhanced quarantine phase.

Please understand that delivery personnel have to pass through several checkpoints to reach your location. Therefore, we will attempt to deliver your order subject to your local City/ Barangay / Sub-division restrictions. In such cases you will be required to meet us at the quarantine border/check-post/Sub-division gate to pick up your order. We will attempt to reach the contact number listed on your #order "twice". If we are unsuccessful, we will leave your location and continue delivering to other customers while attempting your delivery the following week (if possible).

NOTE: An additional delivery charge of P200 will apply for a 2nd delivery attempt.

Please keep your phones-ON and ensure you have signal. If you are in a weak signal zone provide us with an alternate number from another service provider while booking your order.

NO CASH transactions will be honoured in line with our NO-CONTACT-POLICY. There are 6 contact-less ways to pay for your order.

We acknowledge your kindness, but NO Tips will be accepted.

Your order will be left in front of your door(outside) on the ground for you to pick up.

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